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February 18, 2009


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Yeah - knitting - yeah! So glad to hear your surgery was successful. Cute story about the bobbin snatcher - she has good taste!


I have been spinning a lot of Malabrigo-type (unplied) singles out of handcarded batts, mostly wools. Pulled off the niddynoddy it looks like ramen noodles. The big problem with handspun like this is that any remaining energy will skew anything knit with it, or if the yarn was set by weighting it, the skewing will occur when the yarn is wetted again, possibly (and frustratingly) after being knit into something.

I read the same info you did about lightly fulling your yarn to finish it. I attempted this on a small skein and it was like a miracle! Still damp, it hung perfectly straight and balanced without benefit of any weight. I promptly pulled out a whole bunch of other singles I'd spun and did likewise. I was surprised, but not too much...commercial singles are set by heavy steaming...this only makes sense, right?


I can just see Critter #1 doing her Victory Lap! Spinning wheel and retreat in her future, methinks!

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